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We understand the importance of integrating our email verification solution seamlessly into your existing systems. That's why we offer a robust REST API that allows you to easily integrate our email verification capabilities into any other solution.

Upgrading to the unlimited version of MailTester.ninja offers high speed access to the REST API, allowing you to automate your email address verification process and improve efficiency.

MailTester Ninja REST API



API endpoint



The email address you are verifying: email (required)


Your unlimited key without {}: key (optional)



	"email": "john.doe@email.com",
	"code": "ok",
	"message": "Accepted",
	"product": "E",
	"ts": null,
	"api": 5,
	"connections_per_min": 1,
	"executions_per_min": 1,
	"delay": 1

Our API is designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing you to quickly and easily verify email addresses without any complex coding or setup.

With our API, you can streamline your email verification process, improve your communication strategy, and reduce bounce rates, all while maintaining the security and privacy of your data.

So, whether you're looking to integrate email verification into your CRM, email marketing tool, or any other solution, our API makes it easy to get started. Sign up today and start using our advanced email verification tools to take your communication strategy to the next level.