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Mailtester Figures

Active email users worldwide

There are approximately 3.9 billion regular email users.

Emails sent per day

There are approximately 306.4 billion emails sent worldwide every day (2021).

The use of email

After visiting websites, e-mail is the second most used service on the Internet.

Environmental impact

A company of 100 people generates 13.6 tons of CO2 equivalent every year with just its email, or the equivalent of 14 round trips between Paris and New York.

An individual email can be anywhere from from 0.03g of CO2 equivalent to 26g of CO2 equivalent.

Emails generate 410 million tons of CO2 per year.

Emailing statistics

Average opening rate in emailing is 17.8%

The average deliverability rate in emailing is 99.3%

The average email click-through rate ranges from 2.6% to 3.43%.

The average unsubscribe rate of emailing campaigns is 0.1%

The average email conversion rate is 1.22%

Spam figures

There was about 280 billion spam emails in 2021

Almost 85% of all emails sent are only spam

Spam-related emissions for all email users are estimated at an annual total of 17 million metric tons of CO2

MailTester.ninja figures

+100k emails tested per day

By qualifying your email adresses, and helping you removing unvalid emails from your recipients, MailTester.ninja saves 50 tons of CO2 a year.