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Using MailTester Ninja is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. All you need to do is type or copy any text containing one or multiple email addresses into the main input form. MailTester Ninja will then swiftly extract, deduplicate, and verify all the found addresses.

To activate the unlimited version, simply add your unlimited access key anywhere in the form. This seamless process makes it an efficient tool for ensuring your email list is accurate and up-to-date.

MailTester Ninja Help

Email Searches

MailTester Ninja offers a powerful feature that enables you to discover a person's email address based on their full name and a domain, such as their employer's company domain. By trying out various permutations, MailTester Ninja can successfully identify the correct email address in three out of four attempts.

This method is designed exclusively for purposes other than commercial solicitation; for instance, reaching out for job inquiries, seeking information, or engaging in a discussion about a subject of genuine mutual interest. It is important to note that only the unlimited version of MailTester Ninja has the capability to check all the permutations, providing users with the comprehensive tools needed to make meaningful connections while respecting the purpose and ethical use of the service.

Powerful Email Checker and Finder

MailTester.ninja, Email Address Validator allows you to verify the existence of an email account without sending an email. Most email providers from any country, including gmail.com, hotmail.com, qq.com are supported.

A small number of email providers have disabled the ability to check for existence and provide the same response whether the email exists or not. Therefore, there are three email validation results: (1) email account exists, (2) email account does not exist, and (3) email account is unverifiable, its status is unknown.

The Mickey Mouse Paradox: Many other tools will estimate the validity of unverifiable emails based on email permutation statistics. In many cases they will very often consider emails starting whith mickey.mouse@ as valid: firstname.lastname@. Would Mickey Mouse work for many companies?